Gabriela A.
Best tacos in town tbh! I love the chicken tacos and asada If you're looking for a good spot for street tacos, this place is te best option!!!!
Denise T.
I actually had never heard of this food truck until they were at my office building for lunch one day. Their prices are pretty reasonable and their menu is fairly small. I actually appreciate smaller menus because they typically do the small menu well. They have 4 tacos for $13, quesadillas for $14 and sides of chips and salsa. That is it. The tacos you get your choice between 4 different meats and you can do 2 tacos one meat, and two another meat. I got the carne asada and al pastor tacos. The al pastor was a little bland but the asada tacos were amazing! The were packed pretty good for small street tacos and then served with a side of green salsa that was so good I licked the container. I would tally track down this truck again and get more tacos. Maybe try different meats. But that asada was worth getting for sure.
Landon C. Barlow
Super dank tacos and the best veggie burrito I have ever had!
Jonathan Oliva
Amazing taste at a very affordable price! Fire breakfast burritos!
Flavio Olvera
I recently saw this new taco truck pop up in town. I stopped by, hoping they’d accept a debit card, since I didn’t have cash on me. They happily told me they do accept card, and I was just passing by praying the food would be decent. I decided to get the chilaquiles with meat (carne asada), and I’m not gonna lie to you: this is my new favorite place to get Chilaquiles. I was so surprised that the food was this good. My mother, wife, and sister make amazing chillaquilles, but they don’t compare to the ones made by these guys at True Love. My new favorite taco truck is here!
Alex Sobin
Had the al pastor and chorizo tacos and both were incredible. Great salsa, too. Excited to try more!
Becca B.
True Love Tacos is my go-to when I'm craving a fantastic Mexican lunch. Initially I got off to a bit of a bumpy start with them, but Andrew provided fabulous customer service and offered a complimentary meal to make things right. Their carnitas is AMAZING- give it a try in any form. Their burritos are large and filled with tons of tasty flavors. They even have a thin layer of cheese on the outside- so good!! The food is always fresh and the service is always quick (especially if you order ahead of time on their website). Do yourself a favor and give these guys a try!